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Wine Boom Threatens Native Argentine Water Source

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Agronomist Esteban Jobbagy takes a water sample from the Rio Mendoza, Argentina.

The underground water table in central Argentina’s Monte Desert is falling, leaving the fate of the centuries-old indigenous Huarpes culture hanging in the balance.

Demand for high-quality and still relatively inexpensive Argentine wine, combined with an abundance of land to grow grapes, has become a problem for the desert-dwelling Huarpes.

Vineyard owners are diverting increasing amounts of water from a network of channels and streams originally crafted for irrigation centuries ago by several of Argentina’s indigenous groups.

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Panama Canal Expansion Plan

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Almost 70 percent of all the cargo that comes or goes from this country winds up passing through the Panama Canal. It’s cheaper to slip through that 51-mile passage than to send all those goods down around the bottom of South America. But as the global economy expands, so too do the container ships that carry those goods.

Work is about to begin on a project to make the canal big enough for its new super-sized customers. A project that comes with a super-sized price tag. Lorne Matalon reports now from Panama on who’s going to pay it.

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